German watchmaking: Pforzheim, Glashütte and Rinteln

Germany is one of the world's top 5 watch exporters. Although compared to Switzerland, the German watch industry seems quite small, it has a long tradition in watchmaking. The German watch industry can look back on a history of several hundred years with the main watch production still today taking place in the then historic centres of Pforzheim in the Black Forest region and in Glashütte.

Our store is an official dealer and authorized service center for Circula watches from Pforzheim and Mühle Glashütte and Tutima Glashütte watches from the Glashütte area. At the same time, we have a close cooperation with the Schaumburg School of Watchmaking from Rinteln in Lower Saxony.

Circula from Pforzheim

The history of Circula begins in 1955 with Heinz Huber in the so-called "golden city" of Pforzheim, the heart of the Black Forest watchmaking industry. Today, 65 years later, Circula is in its third generation and produces high-quality watches, making it one of the oldest small watch brands in the world.


Mühle Glashütte

Mühle-Glashütte is today the only manufacturer of Glashütte watches that still belongs to a long-standing family in the region. The family has lived in the region for over 700 years and has been working in the Glashütte watch industry for five generations. The family business was founded in 1869 by Robert Mühle; initially manufacturing high-precision measuring instruments for Glashütte watchmakers, later adding speedometers and tachometers, until the fourth generation finally crystallized the focus of today's company: the production of high-quality wristwatches, ship's watches and other marine instruments.


Tutima Glashütte

The German watch brand Tutima is a family-owned company founded in 1927 in Glashütte and has a rich history in aviation and manufacturing pilot watches for several military organizations. It is still today a partner of the German Aero Club while working in America with Sean Tucker and the Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety. After the reunification of Germany, Tutima re-established its manufacturing facility in the Saxony region. Its collections run the gamut from the beloved Saxon Chronograph to the M2, the Grand Flieger and the coveted Patria.


Schaumburg from Rinteln

The company Founded as recently as 1998 by Frank Dilbakowski in the Schaumburg settlement of Rinteln in Lower Saxony, Schaumburg Watch has built a loyal and dedicated following among watch enthusiasts around the world; an audience won through the company's dedication to producing, in-house, an impressive collection of functional handmade watches that are anything but ordinary.